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This adventure wouldn’t have been possible without the unconditional support of an enthusiastic team of experts who supported and encouraged me throughout the course of this project. This is why my thoughts go to them, now when the fruit of our labour stands before the general public and experts alike.  I can only be thankful for their dedication.

I would like to start by thanking Professor Aurel Romila, a pioneer in the art-therapy field in Romania, who had the strength to inspire me ever since I was developing my doctoral dissertation in Psychiatry, under his supervision.

I carry on by stressing the collegiality, generosity and openness shown by the managers of the psychiatric hospitals of Voila (Câmpina), Eftimie Diamandescu (Bălăceanca) and Prof. Dr. Al. Obregia (Bucharest).  Therefore, I would like to thank Doctor Irina Minescu, Ovidiu Cătălin Cristea and Andrian Țîbîrnă. Also, I am thankful to their collaborators: psychologist Dan Ioanițescu and social assistant Valentina Petrache (Bălăceanca Hospital), Emil Felea, head of psychiatric care at Voila Hospital.

I also thank Carmen Nedelcu, who mustered the courage to open a window towards her own inner world so soulfully voiced in plastic works of huge visual and emotional impact.

I would also like to address special thanks to Mrs. Mihaela Păun, general manager of the ExpoArte Cultural Centre (Bucharest), who deeply understood the importance of this project and without whom this exhibition could not have been transposed from a mere dream into concrete reality.

All my gratitude also goes to everyone who was constantly by my side in this endeavour as a tightly knit team: Daniela Velescu and Ionuț Gavrilă, Doctor Marius Tița, Doctor Eduard Andrei, Luciana Gingărașu, Raluca-Gabriela Cîrcea, Mihai Terecoasă.

Finally, I express my deepest feelings of appreciation to Mrs. Ruxandra Săraru, who fought besides me for this project, to accomplish a rightful reinstatement as well, but also the recognition of the human value, of the individuals diagnosed with mental disorders whose creative force can be considered to be   part of the material and immaterial cultural heritage and zeitgeist.

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